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10 thoughts on “VIOLETA

  1. Thank you for such a helpful comment, you’re absolutely right. I definitely have a lot of regret from high school and in some way I guess I am trying to “re-do” those years. I overvalue a lot of people that give me the attention I feel I’ve lacked. Makes a lot of sense. Thank you!

  2. Are you positive that she doesn't have a BF? I also think that she doesn't want you to be with someone else and is playing you in keep you interested. Go out with someone else and I bet she would get mad. Stop wasting your time and go out and have fun and be with whomever you want! It's your life so on-line it. I personally don't think that she would make a good GF, sorry my opinion

  3. To add to what I just said, ever since I first moved out my sister has told me that she doesn’t want me having kids because she knows I’ll love them more than her and it breaks my heart. If this is my mothers influence then it kills me knowing my mom tells her this shit behind my back too

  4. Dude, you're 30 and acting like this? For your sake and hers, take some time for yourself to get your head on straight. Judging by your responses to some of these comments, you've got a lot of work to do.

  5. He isn't gay, but he is definitely bi-curious. I have many of those same thoughts. My wife and I have explored some of them. He might be hesitant to discuss it due to having hang-ups.

    Even with my wife and I being open about it, I still have my hang-ups about it.

    If you want me advice, my in box is always open.

  6. to me this is the end of our marriage

    That’s fair. Talk to an attorney. Don’t try to punish her by hurting her feelings. If it’s over, end it.

  7. If you already accept that you'll break up “sooner than later” then why even ask this question?

    If the relationship has a shelf life so short you'll be that blase about it, well again, why stress over it?

    Both of you are so young you have tons of options – if she “doesn't know what love really is” well I've got news for her and you both: a ton of us don't know.

    Sometimes it's as simple as someone you feel safe, secure and reassured by, for others it's someone with matching interests and life goals – you don't need to open a relationship to determine “what love is”…..unless she's into Polygamy, in which case well – you'd best get on board or off the ride before it gets going.

    If you want advice on this it's simple: you're either OK and understand the implications of this, or aren't. If the former, well you do you and keep at it. If you aren't, pull the chute and find someone who after a year is happy with what they have and doesn't need to go play lucky dip with other folks too.

  8. Dude, none of this makes sense. She hasn’t been on birth control for most of your relationship, is lying to her parents about being on it, and appears to have no goals outside of baby trapping you? Why are you still there? If you care about your future, you need to exit this relationship asap because I can guarantee you Maury will be giving you news you don’t want to hear.


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