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  1. I would get out early, try to ignore and get as many nuts as I can before she leaves or cheats, compensate with your fingers and tongue, or ask how she feels about the relationship and go from there. I’ve never had that happen to me but I’m way too egotistical to let that break me down because at the end of the day there are other ladies who are totally down and prefer your size. The bright side is you found this out before you put a ring on it.

  2. JFC children aren’t accessories you “give to your love” just to “make her happy” I can’t believe you two are so self-focused not to primarily consider the literal human being affected by your actions. You cannot adequately parent another child at this moment. It is not fair to your current children. That chapter needs to be closed for your existing kids’ sake! Oh my gosh so selfish!!!! Children shouldn’t be considered on a whim!!!

  3. YES, THIS A MILLION TIMES!!! You can't just sit there like a lil queen and emotionally slap ur husband if he wont give u what u want, wtf

  4. Omg missus stop it! Stop thinking about bursting his bubble when his “bubble” means giving YOUR body to someone and not even asking you first, discussing it properly or setting up boundaries.

    Ffs I don’t wanna be harsh but I really just wanna tell you to find your spine and stop taking this let alone worrying about how he feels when he clearly just sees you as a walking fleshlight.

  5. Sounds like you suffer from anxiety. One thing that is shown to help is meditation. It somehow helps you organise you thoughts in a better way. There are a lot of good apps.


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