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Languages: en,ru

Birth Date: 1999-03-15

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

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Subculture: subcultureRomantic

14 thoughts on “WeliosCouplelive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. YOU ARENT A BAD GF FOR NOT “PROVIDING SEX FOR HIM” he is a POS for cheating on you constantly you are doing yourself a disservice. The guy doesn’t care about you and never will, please please dump him.

  2. OP, a marriage is built on trust and honesty. Just be straight with him and he will realise you have his best interests at heart.

  3. Why are you making such a big deal out of this? Choose to say thank you or not respond and move on. It doesn't matter what his motives are. Maybe he was just seeking closure for himself.

  4. React? Yes.

    Be an abusive asshole? Nope.

    If he’d come home and been like “Honey, I found out some stuff and I’m a little concerned. I want to trust you. It’s just hot after finding out that you’ve been unfaithful in the past. For my own peace of mind, I’d like to get a paternity test done. I know that’s upsetting for you, but honestly, I’m fucking reeling here. Also, we should probably talk about some marriage counseling because I’m having problems reconciling the wife I love with a woman who would cheat on their SO.”

  5. Sleeping in a hospital cot or chair, sitting in it all day, and being unable to do anything for any kind of mental relief or amusement takes its toll. The “Loved one is there every moment of the hospital stay” thing is a Hollywood stereotype, not reality. You asked too much. He's stressed out by this too, and he needs a real bed at home, not a hospital cot or chair. He's your fiancé, not your personal comfort device. If you want constant companionship, you need a dog.

  6. How much do you value truth in a relationship? She’s right, you need new boundaries, her on the outside looking in. If she lies just to hurt you imagine what she’s capable of?

  7. You mean when women would get married just so they could get away from their abusive families? Yeah, good times.

  8. Honestly you sound blinded by the fact that a young girl is into you and you sound way insecure which will not bode well for this or any relationship. The way you write this is sounds so vapid and you have said nothing about her as a person that makes me convinced you actually really love her as you claim. Just move on.

  9. I have ADHD and really struggle with chores. I've had partners in the past that did way more around the house than me. If one of my exes that was doing laundry for me for years suddenly started doing laundry separately, I'd interpret that as a sign I'm not lifting my weight enough in the household. I'd first ask them if everything is ok how we can be better partners.

  10. Thank you for your answer. I have my job so I am independent already. But knowing nobody here makes me kind of vulnerable, very dependent to him; nowhere to go if we break up, no support, nothing…

  11. If you were a concerned friend in this situation wouldnt your solution be to try and get her in situations away from the potentially abusive partner, not to begin socially ostracizing her, pushing her closer to her potential abuser? I don't think that's the motivation here. Especially given the ages, this sounds like something much more petty.


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