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  1. Have a baby. Then your life will never be your own again. She won’t have time or energy to worry about makeup or herself.

  2. I talking about guys friends i mean two guys and two girls it’s weird I don’t mind she will with freinds ofc! But two guys two girls that weird for me

  3. Thank you, he does actively talk about me and tell everyone he knows about me but I do feel that sometimes he entertains someone's flirting when he goes out and he's like I can't help what he thinks but he even tells random strangers about me. I feel very conflicted

  4. As she is refusing marriage counseling, there's no other alternative except divorce.

    This isn't going to change because she doesn't want it to. My guess is that if she decided your son needs a little brother/sister, then she'd turn on the charm again. This isn't what you signed up for when you married her; 5o have a sexless marriage before you were 30yo!

    You and your wife are modeling behavior for your son: being an adult, a spouse, a parent. As he grows and sees this, he will have a very warped idea of personal/sexual relationships. PLEASE get out and find someone new. Having 2 parents in two different happy homes is much better for him than watching the dismissive, disgusted repulsion that your wife is showing. You and your son deserve better. Your wife does, too, but only she can be the architect of her better life!

  5. Also having a second kid just to give your first a sibling seems so crazy to me. Imagine if that second kid found out that one of the main reasons they exist is so their sibling can have a friend? Also if you get another colicky baby are you going to be seething resentment at your toddler. “I am doing this for you!”


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