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  1. I get that lol

    But I really like him, I knew from the start that all the money he gets come from games and all, but I wasn't expecting that these games would take so much of his time.

  2. Hi OP, its pretty black and white. If you want to improve your life, you need to rehome the pets. Can you really give them the food, attention and vet care they need? Just the parasite treatments alone would financially cripple somebody on disability. Part of owning pets responsibly is ensuring you can afford vet care when it's required. You mentioned your mental health is suffering. A healthy clean and stress free space should be your top priority at this time. You can't look after yourself properly until your house is under control.

    Your bf is coping some heat because of the age difference and that's probably fair. What does a 40yo man have in common with a 20yo? Sex. And convenience. The fact is, he's annoyed at the state of the house so now your value has diminished. I see his point honestly. Assuming your money is chewed up by pet costs, your contribution to the household is cleaning and if you aren't doing it to atleast a liveable standard then you aren't pulling your weight. As harsh as it sounds it's true. It's very hot enough trying to support a household without someone weighing it down with a ridiculous amount of pets as well.

    This is a “wise up ffs” situation. At the end of the day, you cannot afford your pets and your house is a pigsty and has been for the past year….. It's time to be proactive and sort your life out. Before you become a hoarder living amongst pet stench, cockroaches and opened tin cans.

  3. You need to decide if you want to be in a relationship with someone who has shown such spectacularly bad judgment and taste.

  4. They’re saying that it’s absurd to say your boyfriend isn’t interested in being a relationship with you solely because he won’t drive you home from work. However, is he actually unwilling to drive you home from work? Have you asked him, or are you just hoping he will offer to so you don’t have to ask?

  5. I think someone has to call these brothers and tell them to go fuck themselves and stay away. Sounds like they have bullied him his whole life.

  6. I had a frank discussion about switching who stays up, even my therapist talked with him, it didn't do much. He said he understood, but the same day he made an excuse and went to bed early.

  7. How much you want to bet that this is her way of “getting back” at step mom for calling him her “son”. Like she’s trying to reclaim him as hers by forcing a new name on him.

  8. A relationship started from a lie will never last. You may have reacted poorly at the moment, but if you aren't really comfortable with it, then your decision should be respected.

  9. Even if she for some reason didn't OP should still leave right now.

    Bringing anyone into your fights like that is massively inappropriate and he does it every time they have a fight. Just no.

  10. She's 24 years old. She knows exactly what she is doing. She is testing you; what are you willing to sacrifice for her?

  11. Everyone has only one life to on-line. If OP’s husband wants to travel and can’t envision a life without it, then it’s not reasonable or fair for OP to expect him to give that up.

  12. You don't sound sexually compatible. If everything else is wonderful that might not matter but at 18 you'd be crazy to settle for it.

  13. As I said, it is getting worse. That pattern of withdrawal, conflict, resolution can form a trauma bond. He says what you want to hear to keep you engaged but it is clear that pattern is consolidating, right?

    If it can be 'salvaged' he needs therapy to get to the core of it. You coddling him is not going to be the game changer, no.

  14. Right? Sometimes it's like, did another human being write all of that out, look at it, and still think they had a question??

  15. I think that she's inconsiderate and is basically telling you it's over. Who picks a 50 day time out? She's treating you like some sort of child by saying that. No respect for you…..

  16. Whether she’s lying or speaking the truth, it’s just a clear sign to never speak to her again. On one hand, she’s saying she never respected you as family and betrayed you by having a secret relationship with a long time partner that’s a huge betrayal on her part. Worse than him because she’s actually related to you. I would never speak to her again simply based on that or trust her.

    On the other hand, she’s lying just to hurt you simply because she doesn’t want to care for her own children. Hurting you in a way she knows you’re vulnerable and wanted to inflect the most pain, never caring about your feelings or how that would affect your mental health. In both situations she’s a toxic person that you should walk away from and never look back. She has 0 excuse for what she did, you don’t need people like that in your life. Grieve with supportive people and move on. Relationships with people. Including family should have mutual respect and love. Being bipolar is no excuse for that behavior, don’t let the label of family cloud your judgement. Respect yourself and love yourself enough to let go of anyone that would hurt you in that way, family or not. Good luck OP, I’m sorry you had to deal with that situation. I cannot imagine how painful that may be.

  17. Verbatim? That does come off pretty weird and creepy.

    Different to be like “I would love to go on that trip!” Anything love in the context of you is weird.

  18. Everyone should grow in their marriage. This person literally said that people they profile as “traditional” are not receptive to growth in a relationship. I come from a traditional place, and we don’t intimidate our women. If anything we’re intimidated by them!

  19. He wants to move away because he wants to isolate you from the friends you made and stop your side hustle, so you are fully reliant on him. This is not a partner you want. Is this how you want to online? Each time you dare have a life outside of just being his wife, being accused of not being a good wife ? He's withholding funds already, which is the beginning of financial abuse. Sadly, his behaviour prior to your marriage is textbook – he treated you to gifts, swept you off your feet. He reeled you in and now he wants to trap you.

  20. Music City 911…..amazing podcast that opened my eyes to the absolute warriors 911 operators are. So much love and respect for you ♥️

  21. Personally, I have never accidentally liked photos like that, but I suppose he could’ve been liking on accident just like you have. I do struggle with feeling secure, cause i have seen too many men in my life be disrespectful and disloyal to their girlfriends/wives. I feel so bad putting this on him, cause i am always super cautious, even if he does his best to assure me he would never do anything to disrespect me. Agghh, i need a therapist is what I’m realising

  22. I was planning on doing an eyepatch, but after getting out of the hospital so late, we didn't have time to pick one up.

  23. 3 months dating long distance is different than dating for 3 months in my opinion. All he had to do was text and call her, not a lot of effort. He could meet other women easily and she wouldn't know. Most guys that just wanna hook up wont stick around for that long irl because they have to put more effort into dating, actually meet the woman, go on dates, spend time together etc.

  24. So, I can’t tell you how to fix it, what I can tell you is that if you want to change you can.

    However, like anything else involving fundamental shifts in personality, it’s going to take some hard work.

    Why do you cheat? You like the thrill? You crave the validation? I think often times cheating is not about the sex, obviously so for emotional cheating or sexting. So step one is understanding what drives/compels you to do that. That’s going to take a level of introspection most don’t have.

    Thoughts and actions are habits, and breaking habits takes conscious effort.

    Of course the alternative is to find a partner who’s interested in ENM and you just have an open relationship. Download Feeld and see if you match with anyone. You would not believe how many well adjusted happy normal couples have decided that monogamy isn’t for them and have a functioning relationship around it.

  25. It’s concerning that your brain is blocking out entire conversations. I really don’t like that he’s manipulating you into giving an apology or he’ll withdraw affection. Please consider therapy. We all have stuff that needs to be addressed to improve our lives. I strongly suggest talking with a professional. This is not a slam. Your brain is blocking out stressful situations. Please consider talking to someone.

  26. It almost sounds like she was just treating this as some weird experiment.

    Sucked that it happened. Go monk mode and glow up lol.

  27. The universe doesn't talk to people. Sound doesn't travel in a vacuum. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that you don't have any priorities apart from yourself at this point in time right? I mean no offense by that, I just think your frame of reference of what comes first in life is skewed in comparison to this working dad of two. Are you just seeing each other? fwb? what's the custody situation like? Does he stress about money to you, and ever mention he picks up extra hours? Is he the type of guy that spends a ton of time on his phone around you, or is he in the moment and leaves his phone unless it rings? I mean Occam's Razor is paraphrased as “the simplest solution is usually the correct one”, but Hanlon's Razor is even more important as it states “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”.

  28. You missed your window, but going forward…. Being called “stupid” for saying you wouldn't want to have sex under a certain condition, like a wedding night expectation, should always just be met with direct eye contact and the matter-of-fact reply “You're getting pretty fucking uppity about something that's not going to concern you….”

  29. My mom solo travelled in Europe when I was a young kid. She was gone for weeks! It's definitely not “single behavior” in the slightest, it's just being interested in travel. My dad just told her “I'll watch Trouble_in_Mind, have fun. Call me when your flight lands so I know you didn't explode or get arrested or something.”

    Your boyfriend gets your attention and time SO often, why can't he tolerate you having an adventure for less than a week?

    Especially since you've indicated in comments that he already knew that you intended to travel and that, while you WANT to travel together, you plan to also travel solo when you have the ability to do so. His dependence on you isn't healthy – this is beyond “OP needs more friends” and drifting into “OP's relationship needs work because codependence isn't okay.”

    Telling your partner “If you do this thing that I already knew you wanted to do and was okay with, you're a bad person/bad partner. Cancel or you're a bad person/partner.” is very manipulative.

  30. My thought when I saw the title:

    “Well, that's different for every couple, and it's more of a negotiated thing that you figure out with communication and understanding.”

    My thought when I read the post:

    “Oh, husband's just using emotional blackmail.”

  31. True. Trying to get out of my own head and get some perspective. Always easier when emotions aren't involved!

  32. No, I said we had mutual interests which we’ve enjoyed doing together. And that strengthened our bond, until I was horrifically gang raped and that showed the reality of our partnership.

  33. Second this! My now ex did this exactly, then begged then begged me to take him back. Guess who ended up doing the same thing AGAIN?! We broke up last week. Sometimes it's just better to move on

  34. they put you in a really shitty, no-win situation and I don't think it's awkward AT ALL for you to let the organizers know that.


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