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  1. What about once they see pictures of you and your wife once you start these theoretical bookstore events/tours? People would know who you actually are and this point would be moot.

  2. Wow. That’s a big ass betrayal. I’m not sure we could come back from that. It’s his sperm but when you’re married and thinking of helping someone else conceive that is 100% something your partner deserves to know.

    How it actually happened would be my next question.

  3. Boyfriend doesn’t pay a set amount, just whatever the mom or grandparents need / ask him to. My guess is around $600-800 a month. Bf and babies mom broke up in June bc the mom cheated on my boyfriend and moved another guy into the house

    The child ended up going to on-line with the grandparents during this in KY, as my partner had to move from WV back to OH to find a place to on-line. They took in the child full time during this going on to try and make it easier on the kid having to move around

    Bf and mom both signed the papers saying they are the parents; but not custody agreement has been met legally.

  4. I think you should take your bf reaction into consideration. Did he agree? Did he tell her that he will bring you too? What was his reaction? Also you should definitely talk it out with your bf, tell him about your boundaries, what makes u uncomfortably and what doesnt and you should start from there. Can you trust your bf?

  5. Just block her, dude. If she hates texting you so much, then you shouldn't care either. Spend your energy only on people who want you.

  6. Don't forget to start planning something nice to do with your actual family. If they try to invite you (I mean your husband) at the last minute, say you made other plans as that would still be a power move, where they feel you were depending and waiting on them for Christmas events.

  7. This is excellent advice.

    Leaving someone like this is the most dangerous time, and you need to put a plan in place to keep you as safe as you possibly can.

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  9. From the first post, you guys had it under wraps. She disclosed to you about the crush and transferred departments. You guys started marriage counseling and individual counseling. It’s normal to have crushes on other people, it’s human nature but it seems like she choose you and your relationship in the end. Why the separation? Just because you’re a little mad she had a school girl crush on another person? Why the allowing of sleeping with other people when you can’t even get over the fact that she had a crush????

  10. If you need to be told it's unacceptable to call an 11 year old a bitch over asparagus, believe me, it's not going to be your only flaw.

  11. Attraction can come and go. It very well could be that you are into your own headspace. It could be that it's just a normal phase that almost all people go through. It could also be that working through “manchild” issues has caused you to lose some attraction to him.

    You can't make him do things. You can't make him do them your way. You can communicate your wants/desires in a healthy, respectful way, and I sure hope you did that when telling him that “not physically attracted to him anymore”, which – as stated here – sounds awfully final instead of temporary, which it could very well be.

    You want romantic tension? Create some. This is the one aspect of your life that you have described grappling with here that you actually have some control over.

  12. Low standards. But I’ve also seen a lot of posts about this same issue by women but man this is a dealbreaker. I know one posted commented on her bf leaving skid marks on the sheets because he slept naked… and there have been others complaining they smelled like ass and didn’t like to give head because of the smell. Before Reddit I didn’t know I had to be so thankful that my husband not only wipes his ass but washes it too. I thought that was standard basic hygiene


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