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9 thoughts on “Wtf live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. The Person who wrote this:

    He will get over it, and it will build character. He needs to grow and develop.

    And basically the rest of the comment is total crap regarding child development.

  2. I also find it SO fascinating that you recently made a post about it not being shallow/insecure to not want to date a woman stronger than you. How would that be any less shallow than not dating someone for their looks?

  3. That’s fine for you, but that isn’t a universal rule for everyone, and assuming it is universal rather than having a conversation with your partner often ends up with a lot of sad and angry feelings. Plenty of people stay friends or remain at least friendly acquaintances with people they once dated even after they are married. This is especially true if you tend to date people you have a lot in common with or whom you were friends with first, or someone who was a part of the same friend group as you. If you have a reason to be friends with someone beyond just your romantic interest, and your partner is cool with that, and you can do it without rekindling your romantic feelings than there really is no harm.

  4. Really late, but a) go to a lawyer; and b) don't block.You just don't engage; whatever she says can be useful for you; don't text her nacj


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