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  3. I didn’t know there was a rule. I thought it was up to him. I only met her two weeks ago, it’s not like I met her when we first went out. I think it’s possible she’s picked up the word somewhere else though.

  4. Your boyfriend needs to start setting some boundaries.

    If she sits on him, he needs to ask her to get up. (Can you get up, please?) If she tickles him, he needs to tell her to stop. (Please don't do that. I don't like it.) Repeat as necessary. If she asks why he needs to make sure he tells her it's because he is uncomfortable with it.

  5. Yeah the whole thing's moot, the husband isn't entitled to anything in most jurisdictions.

    OP's parents died intestate so who inherits what is up to the judge of the Probate court and the administrator, not OP's brother, and the law is usually very specific.

  6. Probably wants to marry you as he sees you have good qualities to be a good wife but maybe he’s not excluding having girlfriends or hookups on the side.

    He’s very shady and hiding all this is definitely a red flag.

  7. He might want to talk to his doctor about this and see if there are possibly other medications he can try. When you talk to him about it, I'd just try to not make it come off as being angry/disgusted by him. In the mean time, the seat thing may not be a bad idea.

  8. You shouldn't judge a whole community off the actions of one person, but I fully understand why they have turned on Lin and doubt how genuine she is now. Sounds like you need new friends all around.

  9. Your husband sounds super controlling. He's insecure because he sees you living your life and having a good time, and he's worried that you don't need to rely on him anymore. He doesn't want a wife. He wants a pet to keep at home who will worship him like a god and do everything he tells it to do. Him not paying for groceries — if that's something you two agreed he would do, that indicates there may even be some financial abuse going on. Make sure the money you are making goes somewhere he cannot access it. Right now he may not seem like the type of guy to straight up steal from you, but people who are used to controlling the situation can loose every single ounce of a moral compass when they feel their control slipping away. They can go absolutely nuts.

    In the mean time, suggest the two of you go to couple's therapy. If he is not interested in therapy, then that indicates he is not willing to be an equal partnership with you, and is not willing to consider how his actions affect you. In that case, it may be time to reconsider the relationship.

  10. Either your gf is has the common sense of a rock, or she’s a cheater. Either way, do you want to date someone like that?

  11. if she’s not physically cheating on you already, she’s emotionally cheating for sure. you’re young. go online your life.

    if it’s meant to be it will happen


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