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6 thoughts on “xxxHOE Lotta Troublexxx the hot online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Well it might be natural cgange in which I have no insight to offer.

    With that said consider alternative possibilities.

    Is she on new medication?

    Was she ever actually into sex? Many times on this sub there have been posts about asexual partners that pretended to enjoy sex until they properly entrenched themselves with their partner. This is a real possibility, do not discard it.

    Finally the obvious question of fidelity. Is it feasible in terms of time, for her to have someone on the side?

  2. Do you know what your actual problem is here?

    You are in a relationship and you act like a single person. You hang out in bars with your single friends, get hit on in bars by people who are probably also single, and you are literally FLIRTING with this girl you work with.

    Being attracted to women is not a bad thing. Just break up with your boyfriend and stop cheating on him.

  3. There are other people out there. And honestly, even if there wasn't so you really want an SO that disrespects you and tells you you're beneath him?

  4. What would happen between now and having kids? Why and how would he change his mind about money? I'm sincerely asking. You cannot bank on a partner who will have to change in order to stay with them. You should be willing to online the rest of your time as he is now. I mean, we do evolve but you can't bank on it.

    I'm old and, also, I teach/train dating abuse and healthy relationships. Your relationship isn't in the healthy place it needs to be to start a family, own property, one of you being sick…and on and on. Consider all of the give and take that a relationship goes through. So I would recommend that you make a time to sit down and discuss your future. Hash this out before you end up in a financially abusive relationship. You don't have to determine who exactly pays what in the future but you definitely need to know how he thinks fair and equitable really is. Also, you do more of the cleaning…do you have to put a dollar amount on your time and effort?


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