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  1. Not a secret. Things can just be not said. If you want someone's ssxual history from a time you're not together then you ask. If you don't ask, then you're accepting who they've slept with isn't important to you.

    It's up to you to establish what is a boundary for you. Don't have others try to assume it.

    They weren't dating (as in explicitly stated to each other they weren't a couple anymore during this time), she wasn't even living in the area 3/4 of the year, and he claims this is on/off since middle school as if middle school counts for anything. None of this is a betrayal. It's kids doing stupid shit when everyone is single.

  2. Your TLDR is your answer. There is a reason women love broken romance movies. There is a reason toxic relationship full of unnecessary drama is what appeal to the female demographic in media across the world. You like toxic relationships you're young. It's OK just like some guys like Instagram thots when they are young. Move on and find someone else that meets what you emotionally crave.

    It's like hiking have fun but just plan for shelter before it starts gets dark out. (35 years old)

  3. It’s kinda crazy the amount of hate you’re getting here because I think we all have flaws and baggage for whatever reasons but I guess it’s to be expected.. you sound very aware of what you’re doing and know that it’s not right and I think the absolute best thing to do is go see a therapist and try and figure out the core reasons why you’re like this.. there’s a lot deeper issues probably from childhood or previous relationships that you’ll have to take a deeper look at.. best of luck

  4. What happened at the bar when you weren't dating shouldn't be the determining factor of if you two get back together or not…

    Your friend took advantage of a blackout drunk (single!) person who happened to be your ex and they made out for a short while while she was not in a state to consent.

    How does that have anything to do with whether or not you should be in a relationship with her?

  5. I honestly don’t know why my friends stopped talking to me, might have just been that I didn’t fit in since I’d only known them for a year at college. They just slowly stopped inviting me to things and took months to respond to my invites so I took that as a hint they weren’t interested in being friends with me gave up on trying to fit in to that group.

    Reading back the studying in my room thing is moreso because I started shutting myself off from the world bc I was suddenly alone and too jaded to try and meet new people at that point, and honestly I could’ve made time for going to clubs or something but I just became pessimistic and gave up on trying to make new connections since none of the ones I made before lasted.

    I don’t really wanna hook up with strangers. I never even thought about it until I found out she’d moved on so it’s not my genuine desire I think. Would want to date someone new seriously but I’ll give it time I think. I think I’m feeling more pressure since I’m in college and I feel like I’m missing out while everyone else is having so much fun and I’m just sitting indoors sad and tired.

    Thanks for all the advice 🙂

  6. I suggest you research a Covert narcissist, which expresses the disorder in quite a different way from the grandiose. It can be very difficult to spot it.

    What I would say to this issue of “her agreeing to meet with me” is… She is not the problem. She should not be the problem.

    One can't go through a relationship telling people outside the relationship what to do or not do, in order to make one of the partners feel better. Right? How she behaves/does/says is out of your control, and it should be.

    The only person that should take any action is your BF. He is the one with the “responsibility” to respect your boundaries. His lifestyle/friends/choices are clearly making you feel insecure, so it is HIS responsibility to change HIS behaviour for the sake of your relationship. Not demand another person to change THEIR behaviour for you. It is absurd for him to put you in this position, where you are now submitted to another woman's choice, in order for you to trust your BF and feel better about your relationship with him.

    Do you see what I mean?

    What you are saying is that, apart from the problems, you get along very well.

    But that's the case for everyone. Relationships that work, work because 2 people behave in a way to AVOID “hard” problems and, when issues arise (because they do), the two parts compromise.

    But that's between the couple. You can go around expecting other people to do things for you in order for the relationship to work. And unfortunately, it seems he has put you in this position because he refuses to respect your boundaries. It seems that your feelings being hurt are not enough to make him choose a different option.

    I don't know if he's having something with her. There is not enough information in your post for that conclusion.

    BUT it is unacceptable, at any point, to have a relationship with one person while keeping a close friendship with someone else who is in love with you.

    Most people would not accept that, because that's neither emotionally healthy nor it says “I like/love you and respect you and am committed to you”. In fact, it says exactly the opposite.

  7. Yeah they’re right to not like her. I do wish though that they hadn’t shut op out as well. All that does is drive people into the arms of their abuser and give the abuser even more power over them. If you know anyone in an abusive relationship they need empathy, encouragement to leave, and support. Not ‘tough love’ it just gives the abuser ammunition.

  8. As a 29 year old undergrad who also works full time and has a 44 year old partner… did the right thing.

  9. This is a tough one. How likely is he to get into a situation that provides temptation and what kind of a guy is he usually? I don't think we can give you a good answer. We don't know the guy well enough to give you an informed answer.

    While I never asked to open the relationship when my partner went through something similar (and the sex was even less frequent) she suggested we open it. I declined and we made do. If I can do it, then he can do it. I can't answer whether he will or not.

    I will say that I had a moment of clarity when I found myself very drunk and realised I was coming onto a female friend of my wife's at a party one evening. I backed out of that pretty fast but even though I didnt want to see other women clearly it was affecting me more than I realised when a little attention had a powerful effect on me.


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