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  1. It sounds like you were very emotional when you sent those texts to your friend. It's understandable that you might be worried about how she will react to them. In general, honesty is the best policy, so it might be best to be upfront with her about the fact that you were feeling very sentimental and emotional due to lack of sleep. She may be a little surprised or confused by the sudden outpouring of affection, but if she is a good friend, she will likely understand and appreciate your honesty.

  2. This is a deal breaker and not something you can compromise on.

    You need to sit down and talk over it seriously. If you are a yes and she is a no, you should really part ways and be with someone who shares your vision for the future.

    You're so young. I know it'll suck and hurt like hell to break up, but you'll be fine, trust me.

  3. Esh, you sound awful. Why would you use and blackmail someone? What is wrong with you? If he was separated, he wasn't cheating.

  4. well why you dating him and wasting your time he wont date you next year? this is ridiculous you are having feelings for someone who is just going to dump you after this year?

  5. I know, it’s super fucking weird, and I hate it. But I don’t hate him. That’s why I posted it here. I wanted advice on this situation, and I’m getting a pretty good idea of what I can say to better help me make a decision about everything.

  6. Is that a troll?

    I don't know who in their right mind will be actively implying that their partner is a pedo in the making.

    If not, do her a favour and break up.

  7. I'm surprised at your ages, this sounds like teen stuff. You're watching her like a jealous hawk and she's playing games.

    You have all of these “I almost broke up” scenarios. If you're repeatedly getting to the point that you want to split up, its probably time.

    On a side note of the first scenario, the dude hurt her. It's not unusual for people to get nosey with exes so when he messaged her it probably made her feel good that this guy that cheated was seeing that he missed something. She told him she had a boyfriend, she told you and also gave you the conversation. (Which is wierd).

  8. I think you just need someone to talk to. If therapy isn't a viable option for whatever reason, then you should look for alternatives to help you handle this.

    You say your boyfriend's ex is prettier than you — I don't want to dismiss your feelings, but I'm telling you that, in the grand scheme of things, it's a miniscule problem you're dealing with. The insecurity is your place in your boyfriend's life. You can't compete against an 8-year-long relationship, mate. It's just not going to work in your favor; it'll only hurt you.

    Does your boyfriend treat you as second-class to his ex? Does he ever make comparisons between you & her?


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