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9 thoughts on “Yourbabymarilyn the naked on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Sorry to bother but what do those 6 black horizontal lines mean? I see them in some people’s comments and I’ve looked them up but can never get a definite answer!


  2. OK you have a baby and she’s doing meth? Is this a real post? I ask because I can’t believe somebody would really be asking this question and need help figuring it out. Get the baby away from a meth user and break up with her because yes if she’s getting very hot with Sam S, she’s probably doing stuff. I’m not sure why you would need to ask this. It’s pretty clear-cut. But do not let her take care of your baby get proof about the mess so if you have to go get custody, then you have proof

  3. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

    May be controversial to say, but ngl she cheated and what's to stop her from doing it again, let alone she with this same guy. You either need to have her stop associating to this guy, or find some way to not let it bother you, otherwise the jealousy is just gonna tear you down, and that'll be the downfall of your relationship.

  4. So proud of you. Sounds like therapy would have prolonged the inevitable. Now you have that time back to find someone who respects you and what you like/don’t like

  5. And everyone here is telling you to go, so maybe you're refusing to listen to reason?

    How do you think he might react if he comes back home (with or without a female friend) and finds you there? Don't you think he might freak out?

    Poor guy. I hope he posts here too so we can tell him to block you everywhere.

  6. Along with what everyone else is saying, think about these questions. Has she made any changes with her appearance that's outside of the usual? New hairstyle, showering more often, more jewelry, new perfume? Have you noticed any other behaviors or happenings out of the ordinary, such as she closes down a computer/phone tab when you walk in the room, she's out more often, she's late at work more often, her girlfriends can't look you in the eye, her personality has changed a bit (happier, sadder, more angry, could be anything) etc. etc.

  7. Sounds more like he still has feelings for her If he was helping her with a assessment they could have gone to the library or a cafe.

    Going to his room screams sex..

    Honestly you need to dump him.

    If he was really inlove he would have not taken her to his room.. He would have asked you to come over and help or taken her to a cafe


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