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  1. hmm most airlines actually require people to purchase two seats to accommodate passenger size, unless someone in their party is directly sat next to them. most airlines accommodate if they are not a full flight and they’ll leave the middle seat open. i don’t see why your partner cannot take a window and you take the aisle leaving the middle open vice versa, unless it’s a full flight or southwest its unlikely it’ll get taken.

    for a 12 hour international flight i would choose my comfort especially if you’re always accommodating him, and why are you paying the $90 for something he needs? he should cover that.

  2. Because my SO makes a terrible mess on Sunday, the cleaning lady comes in every two or three Tuesdays. So every Monday I have to clean for about 3-4h and again after the kids are asleep. Cleaning ladies don’t pick up your trash on the floor, they clean the surfaces, floors, bathtub etc.

  3. Thank you for responding! I guess I just felt I owe myself and her a conversation about it? I left a number of friendships last year when I moved, i raised my standards in how I wanted to be treated and it didn’t go well. I don’t regret this but definitely got to a point where I just walked away. If i write everyone off I’ll have no one left.

  4. You started dating when he was 24 and you were 17. Sounds like a predator to me. You’ve aged out of his sexual taste.

  5. Honestly? Lose your temper at him. Asking him politely didn’t work. It’s time to turn up the volume.

    “We’ve been over this before, and I’ve asked you to stop. Things are pronounced differently in the UK than they are in the US. This is not a difficult concept to grasp. I don’t believe you are actually too stupid to understand it, so I can only assume you enjoy behaving like a condescending (deleted) for your own entertainment. You’re not funny, you’re annoying, and if you don’t knock it off I’m going to stop spending time around you.”

  6. If she shut him down which is what it sounds like, a PI is a waste of money until dude works up the courage to proposition again. That could be a while but even if it's fast a PI won't have access to his device. Terrible advice in this situation

  7. that’s kind of what i’m thinking. im aware that i’m in the wrong for looking through his phone. it’s a massive invasion of privacy and tbh idk what i was thinking


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