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  1. There are, in our common world, two types of love:

    Infatuation (usually happens during the first 6 months of a relationship)… this is the phase where the person is high on emotions and the instantaneous pleasure they are getting from their partner with every interaction including sex, dates, cuddles you name it. It’s full of excitement and passion.

    The second type is the love that comes with a choice. The responsible kind of love. The love that comes with friendship, support, trust and many common values that you would find in a successful long term relationship.

    I believe he is mistaking the former with the latter

  2. At a certain point you probably need to be blunt with her that this is a NEED that you have that isn’t being met. You love her very much but this isn’t something you want for your future.

    You guys need to come up with tangible solutions for the issue.

    If those don’t work out then she needs to be aware that this will end the relationship. That might be okay with her. If she isn’t interested in sex, there is a possibility that she doesn’t want to continue the relationship either but just isn’t strong enough to leave.

  3. That’s what I figured but the lack of clarity is probably what’s going to rile people up in the comments.

    Honestly best you can do is give her the space she needs and apologize and move on if you want to.

    Personally I’m not a huge fan of the “don’t communicate with me” if everything else has been relatively healthy and non abusive from the partners side thing. But clearly she’s not mentally well and trying to work through that so the decision is to try and go along with it as best you can or leave.

    If you want to stay with her, best you can do is give her that space until you want to leave. And not focus too much on “why” she feels the way she does if she wants to break up or has different rules.

    It isn’t logical, there’s no reasoning through her trauma. Would prepare yourself by focusing on that, but I’m sure you already understand that to some degree.

    It doesn’t mean she’s bad for being “illogical” but it’s one of the primary factors in this situation.

  4. This isn't normal, I had to send my wife and kids away for Easter bc I was burnt out. Not really send them away I guess, bc we had plans for the kids to egg hunt at the in laws but we all need alone time, and no, your commute is not it.

  5. React by leaving this pathetic person and never looking back.

    He's reconsidering because you dated a black man in the past? Reconsider dating an asshat, choose no, and spare him the suspense and drama of presenting his decision to you.

  6. The whole relationship sounds exhausting. I couldn't be bothered having to prove myself. That's not love. That's a moron.


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