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  1. Next meet up with grandma, gift her some lube in front of everyone. Say it’s “right up her alley” for her dry vagina with a smile and a wink.

  2. Dude, you are doing yourself a disservice by aking if this is an us vs them issue. Your boyfriend behaved a bit insensitively in the first instance, and like a disgusting excuse for a human being in the second example.

    You don't need permission to leave somebody.

  3. /Yawn. I'm so tired of reading about women staying with men who treat them like shit.

    Why are you OK with being with someone who treats you like this? What kind of advice are you asking this group for? You think there's going to be some miraculous way of communicating with him that makes him care about how you're feeling? He's making it obvious that he doesn't care, nothing you say is going to change that.

    Just leave the guy already, he sounds like an arsehole. Aside from anything else, he's happy to drive drunk. That by itself should be enough to make you leave, let alone the rest of his bullshit.

  4. Hi man thank you for the advice, I do wanna get a few peoples opinions together and sort of go from there before I make such a massive decision although part of my mind is sort of leaning to agreeing with you. I obviously love her and my preference any day would be to fix things and keep going but I know I’m gonna have to have a conversation with her about what’s going on and where to go from there. Weather that turns into a break up or not it’s better to have closure, thats where my minds taking me.

    Slightly off topic but a couple of months ago one of my best mates broke up with his girlfriend of a year and basically said they just “fell out of love” and they both stoped seeing a future with one another, at the time I just didn’t understand how that’s possible but I must admit I’m starting to see (if not from my perspective but from my girlfriends) how that can happen. Really really sad that that happens but it’s life ig, I know that he actually dealt with it really after a couple weeks and got himself back out there so a sort of happy ending I suppose.

    Anyways thanks for the response man

  5. You will always wonder because you have found out how immoral he really is. Can you trust him on anything, in any way?

    I'd be gone. He has no boundaries and to expect him to reform would be a fool's errand. You don't need a why. You just need to look after yourself and your future.

  6. What you’re describing is emotional abuse. Intentionally demeaning your masculinity because you want to work on your mental health is not okay.

    You seem like a very thoughtful person with a lot to offer. Please understand that you deserve kindness and respect, always.


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