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Yulya, 20 y.o.

Location: Dream land

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10 thoughts on “Yulya the hot online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. FFS, is his phone that important to him he can't be without it for 10 minutes? It doesn't sound like much of a compromise to me, what he suggested.

  2. That's true. Idk her story even tho I am acquaintances with the girl. She went back to her country for the time being so people don't know her side with details.

    And yes. I think it becomes a very grey area when parties are intoxicated.

  3. I recently started walking him through yoga and meditation and it’s just beautiful. It’s a true joy. Thank you so much for your insight.

  4. Your wife, your chosen partner, has disclosed your porn habits make her insecure within the relationship and you decide to take it as an attack and like she’s trying to control you, and instead of compromising and VALIDATING her feelings, you’re doing the opposite.

  5. lmao! Apparently you don't understand how reddit works, YOU put yourself out there for others to scrutinize so now you're butt hurt when we scrutinize you.. Dense is being too kind to describe you.

  6. This will require a conversation that starts organically and something she will need to trust you with. This is exciting either way and I hope you both grow in your kinks!

  7. No offence taken at all. I definitely think I do as I came from a very neglected childhood with zero love. My mother was a very toxic person who always put me down so I guess I sought love through my relationships.

    I always go the extra mile and try my best but nobody ever seems to do that for me. I don’t have much family and I’m pretty isolated so I focused my all in this relationship thinking this will be my forever after.

    Thank you for your thoughts and luck it’s much appreciated.


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