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Languages: en

Birth Date: 1990-02-01

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

Ethnicity: ethnicityEbony

Hair color: hairColorBlack

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Subculture: subcultureStudent

8 thoughts on “zei_dahlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Your request is reasonable. Tell her you just can't accommodate her right now, and you hope she understands. My guess is she won't break up with you, since there's a house in it for her at the end (that and she probably, you know, loves you)

    If she responds to you living your life the (very normal and OK) way you want with dumping you, trust me, you wouldn't have had a good relationship anyway. If you firmly but kindly put your foot down now, she won't pull the ultimatum card every time she wants something down the road

  2. no she didn’t because those gifts were expensive but tailored to her, her tastes, and her needs. the level of usage they’ll get makes the cost of the items worth it. a $1000 pendant you don’t like doesn’t carry the same benefit. do you see the difference?

  3. She doesn't even need to have people in mind. If she wants purely casual, then she can just get on Tinder (or on here for that matter). She'd have guys lined up ready to go in literally minutes.

  4. You're not too loose. He's too small. Vaginas don't loosen like that. The fact that he has forced himself to do sexual acts that you don't want him to do and you told him no is SA. The way he is talking to you and putting you down he's trying to break you down until you give in and give him whatever he wants without question every time. Run away from this man and never look back. It doesn't matter how much time you've been with him it doesn't matter what you've invested. He is hurting you to get his own pleasure

  5. If your conversations at 2 months are already dry, why are you together? What do you really have in common? What DO you talk about when you're together? You both sound dreadfully awkward. Unless there's animated conversation in person, why not just pull the plug and let it die naturally?

  6. Corporations are dumb, lethargic animals that barely remember to breath and eat. They're REALLY good at shitting though. (Case above proves that.) That'd be my take away. His direct bosses may love him, and he may love them back. However, the corporate animal overall wandered past and left a giant pile on his desk. It didn't even know it did it. And then kept plodding along. He's probably a great worker and arguably will be a good manager, but to get noticed, he needs to jump ship. He got lost in the belly of the beast, unfortunately.

    I've lost too many IT staff to this. Even as a 'higher up' boss. Sometimes there are decisions that you just can't understand. It sucks for everyone but ultimately when he leaves, he'll probably be better served. And if his compay FUBAR'd this hard, they deserve to lose him.

  7. You’ve been seeing a girl for 3 months, you don’t really know her that well, not sure where this relationship is going, no reason to suspect something nefarious is going on and you’re just curious? No that’s just an invasion of privacy.

    Thing is we don't know that. The story is from OP's perspective (obviously) and doesn't have much detail. If she randomly forgets she has her ex's nudes on her phone she might be doing something else that might have caused this. Not saying definitely, but it's not impossible either.

  8. Another vote for taking it with you……you should just ask what are the positives and what are the negatives. Hardly any benefit besides clearing your conscious and let’s be honest, that’s why vodka was invented.


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