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  1. Eat a dick I never said what she did was right I was saying it’s important to talk about where behaviors like this come from and why she felt anxious in the first place. People like you are why shit like this still happens lol. You don’t just hate on awful behavior you’re supposed to solve it too. Just admit you’d rather hate then try and find a solution, except I doubt you were trying to do that, but see how easy it is for me to just assume what your sentiments are based on one comment?

  2. This won’t be helpful advice, but this post was absolutely exhausting to read. Your relationship is exhausting. She needs some very real professional help for her mental health but she’s not going to get it.

    Your poor child is being raised in this incredibly unhealthy and unstable environment and if this continues then it could potentially have devastating and catastrophic consequences on your child’s life. Your child and the health and safety of your child’s well being should be your top priority and focus.

  3. The sex was un-consensual (you agreed based on an understanding it wasn’t an attempt to conceive).

    Leave, before you end up tied to her and owing financial support for the next 18 years

  4. Then with that said, I believe we will simply have to hold to our seperate views on this topic. Granted I fully understand where you are coming from, I fail to see how people on the average who are straight would not have a difficult time obtaining and securing a traditional relationship with someone who has identified and is living as bi or even homosexual, this also includes those who who keep it hidden from their spouses, this difficulty goes both ways not just on one end.

    Perhaps if I saw relevant data on the average of flourishing traditional marriages where one partner is straight and the other is bi/homosexual it would make more sense, but the trend you mentioned shows the opposite to the point of the bi/homosexual tending to prefer open relationships. So again drawing things to it's logical conclusion what do I do with that information? To me, the end result seems very clear.

  5. Since you work at the same company, you might consider touching base with HR. Let them know briefly what happened. Tell them that you have cut contact with her socially over the incident, and don't expect any trouble at work, but want them to be aware that there is now an unpleasant history between you two.

  6. My best friend was in a “relationship” like this. She only saw this guy late at night. They might have had lunch once or twice, but mostly only saw each other at night, at her house. Sure enough, a girl she used to work with messaged her that this guy had been hitting her up, saying my friend wasn't his type, she was just “there.” This sounds very similar.


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