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  1. About the food, definitely no abuse. I agree with others here that you need to get at least 50 $ worth of shelf stable groceries from one source or another. Yes itโ€™s embarrassing for you, but hopefully itโ€™s a one time thing until you get the refund.

  2. She only recently found out that he's cheating on her.

    And that the cheating started from long ago.

    But getting the condo and not telling her fiance about the condo, as they're about to enter into marriage, when for all she knows everything was going good and smoothly between them, that's a problem in the relationship

    We can all think about our own situation . if we are about to marry somebody and there's no cheating going on , would we be happy to find out that our fiance has a secret home property somewhere?

  3. Ok as for the bite marks there's some things about your life your family doesn't need to know about like your sex life. So if you're into the whole sexual biting thing that's ok but, don't do it close to a time when you're going to a family function where there's a chance they can see it. As for Christmas I say this year spend it with your family despite you saying he's going to be totally fine your dad is really not in in the best health 3 mini strokes is no joke. So spend it with them just in case I'm sure your bf can understand that If he can't I'm sorry to say then that you'd be better off without him, then after Christmas have your bf start trying to mend bridges that he broke with your family. It won't be easy but, it is doable.

  4. I feel both could be either situation, I'm hope I wrong and he's a man that's scared of a wife's wrath after being something expensive

    I only suggested the DV perspective as rarely people want to buy something and run away or be fearful for a reason


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